Which VPS plan do i need?

At ForexVPS.net we do sell VPS plans with more CPU cores but, we actually recommend for MT4 traders the Basic+ single CPU core VPS plan instead of buying the Standard or Professional plan for multiple CPU cores. In testing we’ve found MT4 doesn’t run as well (when virtualized) with heavily loaded or a large number of MT4 terminals running on multiple CPU core plans like in the larger Standard or Professional VPS plans.

In our experience, you are better to use multiple VPS’s and split your platforms between them instead of investing in a multi core server because you’ll get better performance for your investment.


2012 memory


Monitor your VPS CPU and memory usage with “Windows Task Manager” (shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-ESC) and when you see CPU utilization too high persistently then you should buy an additional Basic+ plan. Memory upgrades are available at any time for any plan. Please note the Basic plan VPS is designed to run 2 to 4 terminals depending on their exact configuration.