New package added! The Basic+

The Basic is the most popular product we offer but we find that 50% of users buy the product then instantly want more Memory. To accommodate this, we’ve added a new package… The Basic+

The Basic+ has an extra gb of Memory and an additional 3gb of hard disk space! This will without doubt become the most popular package so why not snap one up now!

You can view all our VPS packages by clicking here

ForexVPS working closely with brokers

ForexVPS now work very closely with a number of brokers to provide free VPS to their users. We provide brokers with the ability to setup their own clients or automate client setup through numerous API tools. If you are a broker looking for a VPS partner please contact our support department and one of the broker team will be in touch.

New ForexVPS website

Welcome to new ForexVPS website!

Its been years since we revamped the ForexVPS website so finally we decided to spend some time and make it as sexy looking as our other sites. The new site will hold a ton of more useful information about the VPS products we offer and also more articles helping you get the most out of your VPS.